Snork2 Parka Jacket[ dark navy ]



Although well known as having origins in mid century US military clothing technology, the history of the parka, its design and the origin of its name go even further back. The style was actually invented by Northern Canadian or Caribou inuits. Originally made from Caribou hide it was designed to deal with the extreme weather that the inuits had to live and work around. The actual word ‘parka’ comes from the nenets word for ‘animal skin’.


Schott, established in 1913 by two brothers, sons of a Russian immigrant, was commissioned at the start of WW2 to create technical clothing for the US military. The Snork 2 is inspired by the 1950s US military N-3B. The name Snork is derived from the nickname ‘Srub Snorkel’ which this style of jacket adopted due to the ability to fasten the jacket all the way to the hood leaving only a narrow tunnel or snorkel for the wearer to look through. The Schott Snork 2 blends US military and British military jacket design; the original snorkel detail coming from the N-3B and features such as the front placket epaulet coming from British military artic parkas.

Features of the Snork 2 include:
– A rugged full nylon main body shell.
– Poly fibre tech wadding and horizontal quilting for added insulation.
– Borg lined snorkel hood with real fur edge trim designed to keep the rain off and cold out. Real fur edge trim is zipped so can be removed.
– Quilted front placket with Vertical placket epaulet.
– Micro-fibre lined stroller pocket on the chest so that hands can be kept out of the cold.
– Zipped arm pocket for quick access secure items.
– Ribbed cuffs for further insulation.
– 2 Internal pockets set into the lining.


dark navy